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Sisi, Trump Vow to Continue Cooperation in Terrorism War

January 24, 2017

Egyptian President Sisi and President Donald Trump discussed on Monday the fight against terrorism and extremism. The phone talk between the two Heads of State ... Read More

Egypt to Commemorate Coup d’état against Morsi with a Public Holiday

June 27, 2016

Three years after the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi at the end of one year in office in July 2013; the Sisi administration has announced ... Read More

Egypt: Government Assaults Activists Ahead of Monday Protest

April 23, 2016

Egyptian security forces have launched multiple assaults on activists who have called for anti-government protest on Monday to chide regime for surrendering the two “Egyptian” ... Read More

Egypt-Elections: a turn out below 30%

November 26, 2015

The first round of the second phase of the Egyptian parliamentary elections that was held in the remaining 13 provinces attracted a voter turnout of ... Read More

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood clashes with security forces, Morsi encourages more actions

July 18, 2015

Clashes between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces after the prayers of Eid al-fitr have left six people dead and at least 15 ... Read More

Egypt: Court verdict could lead to unwanted circumstances, UN

June 17, 2015

A Cairo court has upheld the death sentences issued for the alleged plotting of jailbreaks and attacks on police during the 2011 revolution, amongst them ... Read More

Turkey: Morsi is still president democratically not Sisi, Erdoğan

May 21, 2015

President Erdoğan has stated that Egyptian death row prisoner Mohammed Morsi is still the president of Egypt as far as he is concerned. The Turkish ... Read More

US must not sideline Egypt as the terrorist threat is expanding, Sisi

March 10, 2015

President Al-Sisi has warned that terrorism is no longer a national or regional issue but a “threat to the stability and security of the whole ... Read More

Libya: Haftar proposed as top army commander, parliament president to sign decree

February 26, 2015

Renegade army general Khalifa Haftar has been proposed by the president of the Libyan House of Representative Aguila Saleh as the top army commander and ... Read More

Egypt: Sisi outlines intentions in fighting against terrorism

February 23, 2015

President Sisi stated in a recorded address aired by state television that Egypt’s military has no interest in invading or attacking other nations, but will ... Read More