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On the footsteps of Tebboune, Tunisia’s Saied maintains opacity over his second term

April 8, 2024

Tunisia under Kais Saied is on the footsteps of Authoritarian Algeria. Mimicking Tebboune, Saied uses a rhetoric imbued with conspiracy theories, the threat of the ... Read More

Eastern Libya’s FM rejects Algeria’s regional maneuvers

April 2, 2024

The Algerian scheme to bury the Arab Maghreb Union and replace it with a union with cash-strapped Tunisia and Tripoli government was met with strong ... Read More

Tunisia: Kais Saied paves way for his re-election with repression

March 29, 2024

As Tunisia braces for presidential elections in December 2024, a fog of repression looms over the country that was once the Arab Spring’s success story ... Read More

EU to offer Tunisia about €165 million to curb migration

March 25, 2024

The EU plans an aid of up to €164.5 over three years to help Tunisia stop migrants from crossing to Europe, the Financial Times reported. ... Read More

Tunisia closes Ras Jdir border crossing with Libya after clashes

March 19, 2024

Tunisian authorities closed the Ras Jdir border crossing after armed clashes occurred there between rival Libyan factions. Videos shared on social media showed gunfire and ... Read More

MEPs accuse EU executive of ‘bankrolling dictators’, claiming Tunisia’s president pocketed EU aid

March 18, 2024

Senior members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have accused the EU executive of “bankrolling dictators”, claiming that the €150 million it gave to Tunisia last ... Read More

Tunisians struggle with inflation as Ramadan starts

March 12, 2024

Once a month of joy and celebration, Ramadan this year has put the finances of ordinary Tunisians on strain as inflation bites, coupled with a ... Read More

Tunisia’s PM rants at French documentary on poverty and dictatorship

March 7, 2024

Tunisia’s Prime Minister Ahmed Hachani seems to have made a trip to Paris specifically to protest against a French documentary that exposed Tunisia’s worsening poverty ... Read More

Algeria wants a so-called “United Maghreb” without Morocco

March 7, 2024

After destroying the initial five-state Maghreb Union, Algeria has brought together cash-strapped Tunisia and war-torn Libya in a bid to create a new regional union. ... Read More

Drought-stricken Tunisia hikes water prices by 16%

March 2, 2024

Amid its worst drought in decades, Tunisian authorities announced a 16% hike in water prices, a move that may further erode the already frail social ... Read More