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Morocco, UNESCO pool efforts for preservation of cultural heritage in Africa

November 30, 2022

Faithful to its unwavering commitment to the development of South-South cooperation, Morocco has just signed with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ... Read More

UNWTO Executive Council meets in Marrakech, post Covid-19 challenges & soaring energy prices top agenda

November 24, 2022

The Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) opened on Wednesday in Marrakesh a three-day meeting to discuss the post-covid 19 challenges facing tourism ... Read More

Morocco regains its place as a North African hub for culture and arts

November 21, 2022

Cultural life in Morocco has turned the Covid-19 page with main cities bustling with festivals bringing together artists from all corners of the world and ... Read More

Global action needed to improve access to fertilizers, avert food crisis in Africa – WTO-FAO study

November 15, 2022

There is an urgent need for global action to address the fertilizer crisis, most importantly by keeping the fertilizer market open to meet global demand ... Read More

Prince Moulay Rachid Welcomes Back Cinephiles to Marrakech International Film Festival

November 11, 2022

Prince Moulay Rachid, President of the Marrakesh International Film Festival Foundation, gives a warm welcome back to the movie-lovers from around the world to the ... Read More

Pre-COP27 warning: Africa’s great migration at stake due to climate change

November 7, 2022

Changing weather patterns are wreaking havoc on East Africa’s wildlife and placing the region’s people at greater risk too. As the planet warms, the natural ... Read More

Six megatrends that are forging mid-21st century Africa — USAID/BCG report

October 27, 2022

There are six megatrends in Africa that, if navigated successfully, could help in advancing the continent’s social and economic progress, a research funded by the ... Read More

Dozens of Ghanaian public universities go on strike over allowance disputes

October 18, 2022

Workers including teachers in 15 Ghanaian public universities declared a strike Monday over their allowance disputes with the government, XiHua news agency reports. The strikes ... Read More

AfroAtlas taps into Lufthansa’s NDS platform in bid to make African air travel cheaper

October 17, 2022

Startup travel aggregator AfroAtlas announced it has established a new partnership with Lufthansa Group that has given it direct access to an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform ... Read More

UK Travel Agents Meet in Marrakesh to Discuss Travel New Landscape

October 11, 2022

Members of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) are meeting in Marrakesh to discuss the industry issues, challenges and the future of travel & ... Read More