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Proportion of Women in Moroccan Parliament Rises to 21%

October 14, 2016

Following the October 7 general elections, women’s percentage at the House of Representatives slightly rose to account for 21% of seats compared to 17% in ... Read More

Libya: Haftar Forces Repel GNA Militaries’ Attempts to Retake Oil Crescent

September 19, 2016

Libyan National Army (LNA) forces, led by military veteran Khalifa Haftar, Sunday pushed back attempts by the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) to re-take two oil ... Read More

Libya: The West Wants New Cabinet Line-Up Approved

August 26, 2016

France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States have called on the Libyan parliament to endorse the new cabinet line-up within ten ... Read More

Libya: HoR-backed army Chief of staff threatens to attack oil tankers unauthorized by HoR

July 27, 2016

UNSMIL Head Martin Kobler Monday received a blow as Libyan army commander backed by the House of Representatives (HoR) threatened to attack any oil vessels ... Read More

Libya: Future National Army to be Regionalized, Kobler

July 14, 2016

Head of UNSMIL Wednesday indicated that the future Libyan army may be decentralized in a move to end divisions among regions failing to form a ... Read More

Libya: France Admits Carrying out Secret Operations

June 2, 2016

French Defense Minister Wednesday revealed that secret air forces are collecting intelligence in Libya but he refused to admit that ground forces have been in ... Read More

Libya:Tobruk Sends Warning Message to Tripoli, International Community

May 9, 2016

Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni of the Tobruk-based government that used to be widely referred to as the internationally recognized government before the Libyan Political Agreement ... Read More

Libya: HoR to Endorse GNA no Later than April 18

April 12, 2016

The House of Representatives (HoR) will in the coming days and no later than April 18 convene to give a vote of confidence to the ... Read More

Libya: London Refutes Sending Troops for Libya

March 14, 2016

The British Government Tuesday denied plans to send British troops to Libya to shore up the Government of National Accord as the members of the ... Read More