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Vladimir Putin phones Saudi Crown Prince after Joe Biden’s visit

July 22, 2022

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman, received a phone call from the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, on Thursday to discuss a host of ... Read More

KSA: King Salman Promotes 31-year Old Son Heir to the Throne

June 21, 2017

King Salman Wednesday in a series of appointments positioned his 31-year old son, defense minister and Deputy Crown Prince as his direct heir. A royal ... Read More

Egypt-KSA: Cairo to receive Riyadh assistance to ease economic suffocation

December 16, 2015

Saudi Arabia will invest around $ billion and offer oil assistance to Egypt in a bid to help al-Sissi’s country ease its economic uneasiness, reports ... Read More

Egypt renews coalition ties to fight terrorism

August 2, 2015

“The National Defense Council agreed to prolong the participation of (Egyptian) troops engaged in a combat mission” in the Gulf, the Red Sea and the Bab ... Read More