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Moroccan Army Steps Up Vigilance to Counter Arms Trafficking on Southern Borders

August 25, 2016

Following the operation launched by Moroccan authorities to clear the border area with Mauritania of all trafficking and illegal commercial activities, the Royal Armed Forces ... Read More

Morocco-China Strategic Partnership, a Roadmap to Shore up Longstanding Ties

May 12, 2016

Morocco and China have drawn a roadmap to enhance their relations and strengthen their decades-long ties through the strategic partnership sealed on Wednesday during the ... Read More

Sahara Issue: Paris Renews Support to Morocco’s Autonomy Plan, Irks Algiers

March 30, 2016

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on Tuesday hammered home his country’s support for the Morocco-proposed autonomy plan for the disputed Sahara territory as tension between ... Read More

Sahara: Russia Joins its Voice to Morocco’s

March 15, 2016

Russia has joined its voice to Morocco’s to express opposition to any violation of the parameters set by the United Nations Security Council with regard ... Read More

Morocco: Millions Took to the Streets to Protest Ban Ki-moon’s Remarks

March 13, 2016

Over three million Moroccans from all over the country and from all walks of life flocked to Rabat this Sunday March 13 to protest the ... Read More

Morocco: Business exchanges with US skyrocket

March 10, 2016

Business deals between Morocco and the US have soared since the signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) letting figures to reach more than $4 ... Read More

Moroccan Solar Project Unearths Algerian Renewable Energy Program

February 24, 2016

After the first plant of Noor-Ouarzazate solar complex in Morocco started operating few weeks ago, materializing the country’s efforts to boost renewable energy sources, reduce ... Read More

KSA-Morocco: Former Saudi veteran envoy to Rabat re-appointed

January 13, 2016

Riyadh has re-appointed its former envoy to Morocco Abdelaziz Khouja as the new Saudi ambassador to the North African country, a move described by analysts ... Read More

Morocco: Tourism authorities set target on Scandinavian, Turkish tourists for 2016

December 28, 2015

Morocco is set to attract Scandinavians, Turkish tourists in 2016 reports say. The Moroccan Tourism Authority will meet on December 29 under the auspices of ... Read More

Morocco: 11 terrorists arrested for plotting attack during New Year

December 22, 2015

Security raids in several cities of the Kingdom led to the arrest of 11 Jihadists suspected for plotting terrorist attacks on the New Year, security ... Read More