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Threat of Starvation Looms in Benghazi as Fighting Intensifies

October 4, 2016

Hundreds of civilians currently trapped by fighting in Benghazi are facing the threat of starvation, Amnesty International warned. The stranded civilians could die from lack ... Read More

British Forces Involvement in Libya Disclosed again

May 26, 2016

British troops have been spotted in Libya, fighting on the side of Libyan forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) against IS despite ... Read More

France: Moroccan Informants to Beef up Anti-terrorism Squads

March 30, 2016

French intelligence agencies are recruiting informants in Morocco and other Maghreb countries part of efforts to beef-up their anti-terrorism squads as terrorist threats continue to ... Read More

Brussels Attacks: Morocco had Sent Warnings, Italian Libero Quotidiano

March 25, 2016

An Italian newspaper has revealed that Moroccan intelligence services had sent warnings to Belgian authorities about terrorist attacks at sensitive places including nuclear facilities one ... Read More

Al-Qaeda discussed Peace Deal with Mauritania in 2010 (Bin Laden’s Documents)

March 2, 2016

The terror group Al Qaeda discussed in 2010 the contingency to strike a peace deal with Mauritania in return of an annual “tithe” of $11 ... Read More

Libya: Daesh jump-starts offensives on Libya’s oil region, second day offensive in row

January 6, 2016

IS Tuesday carried out a second day offensive on Libya’s vital oil terminals prompting national oil company to call for help saying IS’s control of ... Read More

Egypt : Riyadh and Cairo unified in Syria and against Iran

June 1, 2015

A joint press conference between the foreign ministers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia in Cairo was used to refute reports that the two countries disagree ... Read More

Libya considers breaking ties with Sudan

September 15, 2014

Libya has warned that it will break its diplomatic relations with Sudan if it continues to interfere in its internal affairs. Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni ... Read More