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Libya: Rival Sides Heading to Tunis for Talks

February 23, 2017

After the failed Egyptian diplomatic initiatives, Libyan rival camps are expected in the Tunisian capital Tunis this Thursday for talks following a tripartite summit between ... Read More

Libya: Benghazi HoR’s hardliners stand by Serraj’s government

December 28, 2015

Libya’s newly designated Prime Minister Serraj received major boost over the week-end from Benghazi House of Representatives (HoR) members who granted their support to Libyan ... Read More

Al-Sissi addressing UN: Solving Palestine-Israel conflict will end terrorism

September 29, 2015

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi in an address told the General Assembly on Monday that finding a solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict will bring peace ... Read More

Egypt: al-Sissi promises peaceful Parliamentary elections

September 1, 2015

Al-Sissi Monday promised to ensure a peaceful unfolding of the parliamentary elections set for October and November. The Egyptian president who has been running Egypt ... Read More

Russia-Egypt: al-Sissi pays third visit to Moscow in just a year

August 22, 2015

Egyptian President al-Sissi is due to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week to bolster cooperation between the two countries, Egyptian official ... Read More

Palestinian-Israeli Peace, the antidote to end terrorism in the region, al Sissi

July 8, 2015

Egyptian President al-Sissi, standing as the new knight against terrorism in the Middles East, Monday told a visiting group of US Jews that success against ... Read More

Revolution Makes States : The Maghreb Inches Forward (Too) Slowly

March 4, 2014

Over the past weekend, the Ukrainian government was ousted, Ukraine's parliament reinstated the 2004 constitution and former President Victor Yanukovich is on the run in ... Read More

After Revolution Comes Reaction: Egypt as a Rule, Not Exception

January 6, 2014

While we enter a new year, the emerging consensus among observers of the Middle East and Northern Africa is that the Arab Spring has turned ... Read More