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Guinea leader’s party wins parliamentary majority

April 2, 2020

The electoral commission in Guinea has announced the party of President Alpha Condé as a winner of last month's parliamentary elections, which the opposition boycotted. ... Read More

Mali: Parliamentary elections maintained despite coronavirus

March 26, 2020

Despite the coronavirus risk, the long-delayed parliamentary elections – whose first round is planned for next Sunday March 29 – in Mali will go ahead. ... Read More

The Spectre of Voter Apathy Haunts Algeria’s Parliamentary Elections

April 24, 2017

As Algeria braces for Parliamentary elections on May 4, 2017, the FLN-led government sees the upcoming polls as a means to keep the political status ... Read More

Moroccans Head to Polls to Pick their Representatives

October 7, 2016

Today, October 7, about 16 million Moroccans head to the polls to pick their parliament representatives in a ballot that will lead to the formation ... Read More

The Person of the King Should not be Involved in Electoral, Party Disputes

July 30, 2016

King Mohammed VI has urged all political actors, candidates and parties not to involve the King in any electoral or party disputes, as the King ... Read More

Highlights of King Mohammed VI’s Royal Speech on Throne Day

July 30, 2016

On the occasion of Throne Day, marking this year the 17th anniversary of his enthronement, King Mohammed VI delivered a speech that tackled key issues ... Read More

Egypt: Parliament approves controversial anti-terrorism law

January 18, 2016

The new Egyptian parliament has approved the controversial anti-terrorism law. The law provides for heavy fines on journalists who contradict the official version of any ... Read More

Egypt: HEC cancels news conference, IS in Sinai claims attack on hotel

November 25, 2015

Egyptian High Election Committee (HEC) Tuesday cancelled a news conference following the death of two judges killed in an attack perpetrated by IS in the ... Read More

Egypt: Parliamentary elections to begin soon

August 11, 2015

The much-delayed Egyptian parliamentary elections that were slated to take place in March could finally begin by the end of August and a parliament would ... Read More

Tunisia: Islamist Militants Threaten Transition Process

October 24, 2014

At least seven people were killed in Tunisia in violent clashes that occurred lately between local security forces and Islamist militants as tensions build up ... Read More