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Netanyahu in Historic Talks with Sudan’s Leader

February 4, 2020

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu held a “historic” meeting with Sudan's sovereign council head Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Monday. Sudan's former President Omar al-Bashir was ... Read More

Israel: Netanyahu Tells Countrymen to Avoid Religious Trips to Morocco

September 22, 2016

Israeli Prime Minister’s office has warned Israeli Jews of Moroccan descent to avoid traveling to the North African country to mark Hiloula due to serious ... Read More

Israel Opposes French Initiative, Calls for Direct Talks with Palestine

June 3, 2016

More than 25 foreign ministers mostly from Western and Arab countries are meeting in Paris to revive talks to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the ... Read More

Israel: Arab World, Gateway to Lasting Peace Agreement with Palestine, Netanyahu

March 15, 2016

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said reaching a peace deal with Palestine will first require the Arab World warming its ties with Israel at a time ... Read More

Egypt: MP Kicked out of Parliament over Meeting with Israeli Envoy

March 3, 2016

The Egyptian Parliament Wednesday decided to revoke the membership of independent lawmaker Tawfiq Okasha following his meeting with Israeli envoy to Cairo late last month. ... Read More

Israel: Netanyahu’s wife convicted of employee maltreatment

February 11, 2016

An Israeli labor court Wednesday found Sara Netanyahu, spouse of Israeli Prime Minister, guilty of employee abuse. Jerusalem labor court convicted the Israeli first lady ... Read More

Sweden-Israel: Stockholm Takes Israeli Threats against FM Seriously

February 2, 2016

Swedish authorities are seriously considering threats against Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom after an Israeli journalist wished her death following her criticism when she called for ... Read More

Ban Ki-Moon Condemns Israel’s Continuing Occupation, Netanyahu hits back

January 27, 2016

UN Chief Tuesday condemned Israel’s continuing occupation of the Palestinian territories following Israeli Prime Minister’s recent approval of construction of further 153 settlement houses in ... Read More

Israel: Government supports settlements at any time, PM

January 25, 2016

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting on Sunday that the Jewish settlers who were removed from two homes on Friday will soon return ... Read More

Israel: Leviathan gas deal approved amidst criticisms

August 18, 2015

The Israeli cabinet approved the deal signed between Israel and a consortium including U.S. firm Noble Energy on the production of natural gas at the ... Read More