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France Endorses Morocco’s 2026 World Cup Bid

March 23, 2018

Head of the French Football Federation Thursday threw France’s backing behind Morocco’s bid to host the 2026 soccer World Cup. Noël Le Graët hailed bonds ... Read More

France: Hollande renounces running for 2017 Presidential elections

December 2, 2016

French President Francois Hollande Thursday stunned the country as he announced he would not contest next year presidential elections. “I have decided not to run ... Read More

France: Sarkozy bows out of political live following primaries

November 21, 2016

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy Sunday announced his retreat from political life following his big loss at party’s primaries first around to decide who will ... Read More

Africa Action Summit: King Mohammed VI Stresses Need to Pool Efforts to Fight Climate Change

November 17, 2016

King Mohammed VI delivered a speech at the opening of the Africa Action Summit, held on November 16 in Marrakech, wherein he reviewed the main ... Read More

Nouakchott Chides Paris for Welcoming Regime’s Staunch Opponent Biram

November 7, 2016

Mauritanian authorities have severely protested against Francois Hollande’s office after Paris received anti-slavery activist and former presidential candidate Biram Dah Abeid who has vowed to ... Read More

King Mohammed VI to Chair COP22 Summit

November 4, 2016

King Mohammed VI of Morocco will chair, on November 15, the COP22 summit which will be attended by at least 50 heads of state. The ... Read More

Princess Lalla Salma Attends World Counter-Cancer Summit in Paris

November 2, 2016

Princess Lalla Salma, Spouse of King Mohammed VI, took part in Paris in the world counter-cancer conference, which is held by The International Union against ... Read More

Libya: France Offers Ground to Unite Divided Libyan Political Protagonists

September 29, 2016

France has offered to host next week Libyan political protagonists for talks in order to bridge drifts between UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) and ... Read More

France: Holland Recognizes France’s Responsibilities in Harkis’ Decimation

September 26, 2016

French President Sunday hailed the contribution of Harkis in the Algerian 1954-1962 war and acknowledged France’s responsibility in abandoning the Algerian veterans who fought for ... Read More

Morocco: Francois Hollande Confident in Morocco’s Capacity to Host COP22

September 21, 2016

French President François Hollande publicly threw his full support behind Morocco, from New York Tuesday, saying he has “full confidence in Morocco’s hosting of COP22.” ... Read More