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U.S. Senate Confirms Puneet Talwar as New U.S. Ambassador to Morocco

September 9, 2022

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmed on Thursday Puneet Talwar as new American ambassador to Morocco in replacement of David Fischer. In his statement ... Read More

Washington extends national emergency for Libya

February 24, 2022

U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday extended the national emergency with respect to Libya by one year, according to the White House. “The situation in ... Read More

Trump urges Russia to stop supporting atrocities in Syria

February 17, 2020

US President Donald Trump has urged Russia to stop supporting the "atrocities" of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, the White House announced on Sunday. During ... Read More

Morocco Made Huge Strides in Girls’ Education, U.S. Commits to Help in these Efforts, Michelle Obama

July 2, 2016

Morocco Made Huge Strides in Girls’ Education, U.S. Commits to Help in these Efforts, Michelle Obama U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama who has just paid ... Read More

Mideast Conflict: Obama expects no Peace Accord before White House Exit

March 24, 2016

United States President Obama conceded he does not expect a peace accord between Palestinians and Israelis before the end of his tenure as US President ... Read More

EGYPT-Israel: Netanyahu sympathizes with Egypt, warns ISIS threat looming on Israel

July 2, 2015

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered his condolences on Wednesday to Egypt after ISIS branch in Egypt launched deadliest attacks against the Egyptian army, killing ... Read More

US-ISIS: $2.7 billion spent in the fight against ISIS

June 12, 2015

The Pentagon surprisingly revealed on Thursday the cost of its engagement in the war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The Bill totals $2.7. This ... Read More

US-Iraq: Washington tweaks its military strategy in Iraq sending 450 more troops

June 11, 2015

The White House announced on Wednesday it will send more troops in Iraq to train Iraqi soldiers and fighters to sharpen their efficiency and make ... Read More

Boycott of USA-GCC Summit, a Warning or a Declaration of Independence?

May 12, 2015

Rulers of Four Arab countries out of the six nations forming the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are snubbing the summit to be hosted by President ... Read More

Israel: Netanyahu tries damage control, US to reconsider support  

March 20, 2015

White House has hinted that it could change its policy in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after Netanyahu ruled out a two-state solution. Although Netanyahu has tried ... Read More