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Tokyo urges Japanese private sector to invest — and beat China — in Africa

August 18, 2022

Japan, which lags behind other major economies when it comes to investment in Africa, has been increasingly concerned that the pandemic has weakened African economies ... Read More

Morocco, Japan’s Gateway for Investing in Africa

August 31, 2016

Morocco’s geographic location, political stability and promising macroeconomic indicators, coupled with its longstanding ties with African countries and increasing investments in the continent make it ... Read More

Japan-Africa Summit: Morocco Stresses Trilateral Cooperation as Central to its Foreign Policy

August 29, 2016

The Japan-Africa economic summit, held in Nairobi August 27-28, was an opportunity for Morocco to stress the centrality of trilateral cooperation in the Kingdom’s foreign ... Read More

Japan Earmarks $30 Billion in Support for Infrastructure Development in Africa

August 28, 2016

Japan announced it will invest $30 billion in support of Africa’s economic growth and infrastructure over the next three years. The pledge was made by ... Read More

Jordan insists on prisoner swap, ISIS remains silent

February 2, 2015

Jordanian officials are hopeful that they will reach a deal with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for the liberation of their pilot ... Read More

China and Japan Criticize Each Other’s Policies in Africa

January 13, 2014

China and Japan are criticizing each other's policies in Africa as each country pledges more money for the continent. While Tokyo has censured China’s foray ... Read More