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Tunisia: Concerns over Economic, Social Challenges Growing

August 3, 2017

President Rached Ghannouchi of the Ennahdha political party has called on the country’s National Unity Government to prioritize the “economic challenges facing Tunisia and the ... Read More

Tunisia: Nidaa Tounes Sliding again into Division amidst Attempts to Oust Hafedh Caid Essebsi

September 20, 2016

A group of leaders of Tunisian President’s party, Nidaa Tounes, have called for structural reforms in the party, including cancellation of the post of executive ... Read More

Tunisia: Senior leaders, ministers leave Nidaa Touness

January 14, 2016

Few days after Nidaa Touness, which is leading Tunisia’s coalition government, lost its majority in the parliament following the resignation of 28 deputies from the ... Read More

Tunisia: Nidaa Touness collapse confirmed at congress

January 12, 2016

The congress held by Nidaa Touness on Sunday, the first since the party was established in 2012, confirmed that the party is falling apart as ... Read More

Tunisia: Ennahda is against the proposed cabinet

January 26, 2015

Ennahda has announced that it will be voting against the cabinet that will be proposed during the week by Prime minister-designate Habib Essid. The announcement ... Read More

Tunisia: Tensions remain encircled between presidential candidates

December 18, 2014

Tunisians will be going to the polls on Sunday to elect their next leader. Moncef Marzouki and Beji Caid Essebsi will face each other in ... Read More

Tunisia : Nidaa Touness to govern with “democratic family”

October 30, 2014

With secular party Nida Tounes poised to win the parliamentary elections ahead of the official results expected to be announced before Friday, the debate over ... Read More

Tunisia : Parties support legislative and presidential election dates

June 18, 2014

Political parties in Tunisia tend to agree on the dates set aside by the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) for the legislative and presidential ... Read More