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UK: MPs, Lords urge British Executive to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara without delay

May 25, 2024

Over thirty British members of Parliament and Lords have sent a letter to the Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, urging the British executive to "officially and ... Read More

French MPs urge Macron to make a stand on Sahara issue

August 15, 2023

A group of 94 members of the French parliament sent a letter to President Macron urging him to make a stand in support of Morocco’s ... Read More

Algeria’s gas blackmail still making waves across Europe

November 16, 2021

Algeria's unilateral decision to suspend gas supply via the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline to Europe, including to Spain and Portugal is still trigging anger and criticism ... Read More

Sahara: Colombia Renews Full Support to Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

February 26, 2019

Colombia’s Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee expressed on Monday in Rabat, full support to Morocco’s territorial integrity and autonomy plan for the Sahara. At a meeting ... Read More

International: Lawmakers seek to polish London’s reputation as safe haven for dictators’ money

December 6, 2016

British lawmakers are mulling over provisions of Criminal Finances Bill 2016 to freeze assets of world human rights abusers and dictators who hide their money ... Read More

UN 4th Committee: Morocco Deplores Algeria’s Perpetuation of Sahara Conflict

October 11, 2016

Algeria’s responsibility in prolonging the Sahara conflict was decried by Morocco’s Representative at the UN in New York Omar Hilale, who deplored that Algiers continue ... Read More

Libya: British MPs Pin Libyan Debacle on Cameron

September 14, 2016

A House of Commons committee has put the blame of Britain’s failed intervention in Libya on former Premier David Cameron and accused him of leading ... Read More

Tunisia: Major Challenges Await New Govt

August 29, 2016

The Tunisian people pin high hopes on the new unity government headed by Youssef Chahed to overcome the major economic and security challenges facing the ... Read More

London Ready to Send Troops to Libya but with MPs Consent, Hammond

April 25, 2016

UK’s Foreign Secretary Sunday revealed that British forces whether ground, naval or air could be sent to Libya at any time to combat IS which ... Read More

Libya: London Refutes Sending Troops for Libya

March 14, 2016

The British Government Tuesday denied plans to send British troops to Libya to shore up the Government of National Accord as the members of the ... Read More