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Morocco’s Interior Ministry bans use of charity for electoral purposes

September 28, 2020

Morocco’s Interior Ministry said that mayorships and elected officials are banned from using charity for electoral purposes, Assabah daily reported. The move aims at preventing ... Read More

Interior ministry bans political parties from distributing aid during confinement

June 16, 2020

The Interior ministry has confirmed that his department has prohibited political parties from distributing food aid to the needy during the confinement. The Interior Minister ... Read More

Morocco’s Interior Ministry warns against using charity for electoral ends

May 7, 2019

Morocco’s interior ministry has warned to take action against those who resort to charity during the holy month of Ramadan for electoral purposes, Moroccan media ... Read More

New sanctions of Senior Officials, Enforcement Officers Show No Backtracking on Accountability

December 12, 2017

King Mohammed VI has approved sanctions against a Wali, six governors and over one hundred enforcement agents because of failure to fulfil their duties. During ... Read More

Morocco Denounces in Strongest Terms Algeria’s Expulsion of Syrians to Border Town

April 23, 2017

Morocco’s Foreign Ministry summoned Algeria’s ambassador in Rabat and denounced the expulsion of 54 Syrian migrants by Algerian authorities to the Moroccan border town of ... Read More

Morocco: Three-man Terrorist Cell Dismantled in Tetuan

April 22, 2017

The Moroccan Interior Ministry Friday announced it dismantled in the Northern city of Tetuan a three-man cell connected to Daech that was preparing attacks against ... Read More

Morocco Foils another Deadly ISIS Terror Plot

March 7, 2016

Moroccan security services have interrupted another deadly ISIS terrorist plot seeking to undermine the North African country’s peace and stability. Morocco’s Interior Ministry announced Monday ... Read More

Tunisia: Head of security fired, replaced by Ben Ali’s

December 2, 2015

Tunisian Prime Minister Essid Tuesday dismissed Head of the security department, Abderrahmen Belhaj Ali, following the latest Tunis attack on the presidential guard, and replaced ... Read More

Tunisia: Returning Jihadists will not go off scot-free, Interior Ministry

October 8, 2015

Tunisian Security authorities announced Wednesday that Tunisian foreign fighters returning home will face legal procedures. A recent UN report listed Tunisia as the largest foreign ... Read More