Tunisia: Head of security fired, replaced by Ben Ali’s

Tunisia: Head of security fired, replaced by Ben Ali’s

Tunisian Prime Minister Essid Tuesday dismissed Head of the security department, Abderrahmen Belhaj Ali, following the latest Tunis attack on the presidential guard, and replaced him by former head of deposed Ben Ali’s security.

Rafik Chelly, Secretary of State for Security Affairs was also dismissed Tuesday without further elaboration.

His removal follows Tunis recent suicide terrorist attack which claimed lives of 12 members of the Tunisian presidential guard unit.

In replacement of Chelly, Essid appointed Abderrahmen Belhaj reckoned for his experience and expertise in the security matters.

Belhaj headed former President Ben Ali’s security before being dispatched to Mauritania as Head of Tunisia’s diplomatic mission in that country and later to Cyprus.

Belhaj also served at the Interior Ministry as Director of borders and foreigners.

Belhaj has been on retirement since 2011 and has also published a book on his stay in Mauritania entitled “Tunisia-Mauritania: A sustainable friendship.”

Tunisia has been hit this year by two deadly terrorist attacks and security forces have foiled several attacks and seized large amounts of ammunitions.

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