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King Mohammed VI reiterates Morocco’s attachment to the political process led by the UN to settle Sahara artificial dispute

November 6, 2021

King Mohammed VI reaffirmed, this Saturday, Morocco's attachment to the political process led by the UN on the issue of the artificial regional dispute around ... Read More

Over 70 Italian NGOs condemn Polisario’s provocative actions in Guerguerat

November 10, 2020

Over 70 NGOs, associations and municipalities in Italy have condemned the provocative actions carried out by the Polisario militias in the Guerguerat crossing point in ... Read More

US Reaffirms Moroccan Autonomy Initiative in the Sahara is ‘Serious, Credible and Realistic’

October 31, 2020

The United States reaffirmed on Friday, following the adoption of UN Security Council resolution N° 2548 on the Moroccan Sahara, that the Moroccan autonomy initiative ... Read More

Sahara: UN Chief Renews Its Call on Polisario & Its Militia to Withdraw from Guerguerat

October 22, 2020

UN Secretary-General has called once again on the Algeria-backed Polisario separatist group and its militia to pull out of the buffer zone of Guerguerat, warning ... Read More

Sahara: UN Slams Polisario Attempts to Undermine Buffer Strip Status Quo

March 22, 2018

Following the growing provocative incursions of the Polisario armed militiamen in the Guerguerat buffer zone, UN Security Council has denounced these hostile acts made by ... Read More

Western Sahara: Nouakchott Allows Polisario to Spy on Moroccan Forces from Guerguerat Buffer Zone

December 8, 2016

The Mauritania regime has again irritated Rabat after it allowed the Polisario Front to send militaries to spy on Moroccan forces from the military buffer ... Read More