Sahara: UN Chief Renews Its Call on Polisario & Its Militia to Withdraw from Guerguerat

UN Secretary-General has called once again on the Algeria-backed Polisario separatist group and its militia to pull out of the buffer zone of Guerguerat, warning against obstructing regular civil and commercial traffic in this area.
“We recall that regular civilian and commercial traffic should not be obstructed” in Guerguerat, said Stephane Dujarric, spokesman for the UNSG at his daily press briefing held Wednesday in New York.
He also warned that “no action should be taken which may constitute a change to the status quo of the buffer strip”, added the UN official, saying that MINURSO officers confirmed on Wednesday the presence in Guerguerat of a group of 50 polisario elements and militiamen who “obstructed traffic in the region”.
The UN secretary General “urge all the concerned parties to show restraint and take all necessary measures to ease tensions”, underlined Mr. Dujarric, noting that MINURSO has mobilized “more of its elements to help ease any tension and unblock civil and commercial”.
The new warning issued by the UN chief to polisario leaders and their militias for their provocative actions in the Guerguerat deals another hard blow to the separatists and their Algerian supporters, while the Security Council is expected to renew this month the mandate of the MINURSO, which expires on 31 October.

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