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Tunisia seizes server at Ennahdha party headquarter amid probe into lobbying crime

October 27, 2021

A Tunis court ordered the seizure on Tuesday of the server at Ennahdha party headquarters as part of investigations into the movement’s recruitment of lobbying ... Read More

Ennahdha sets up committee to remedy political crisis in Tunisia

August 13, 2021

Ennahdha, the largest party in the Tunisian parliament, set up Thursday, a local committee tasked to find solutions to the political crisis that has gripped ... Read More

Tunisian PM resigns after losing Ennahdha’s support

July 15, 2020

Tunisian Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh, on Wednesday, handed in his resignation to President Kais Saied, after a row with the Islamist-inspired Ennahdha party. "The decision ... Read More

Tunisia Opposed to Foreign Military Intervention in Libya

February 16, 2016

Tunisia has reiterated its strong opposition to a military intervention in neighboring Libya, warning that such an intervention will be disastrous in many ways, including ... Read More

Tunisia : 70 presidential candidates for 23 November elections

September 25, 2014

With less than 2months before the much anticipated presidential elections in Tunisia, the Elections Board (ISIE) closed for the reception of files from hopeful presidential ... Read More

Tunisia : Parties support legislative and presidential election dates

June 18, 2014

Political parties in Tunisia tend to agree on the dates set aside by the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) for the legislative and presidential ... Read More