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Algeria Flouts Geneva Convention by Extraditing 10,000 Sub-Saharans

December 27, 2017

In yet a new violation of the UN Geneva Convention, Algerian authorities have proceeded to the indiscriminate extraditing of 10,000 sub-Saharans in need of international ... Read More

Will Emmanuel Macron Meet Ailing President during Wednesday Stopover in Algiers?

December 5, 2017

President Emmanuel Macron of France is expected in Algiers Wednesday, for his first visit since he took office in May, and a meeting with ailing ... Read More

Bouteflika Playing his Little Game of Musical Chairs again with Prime Ministers

August 16, 2017

Abdelmajid Tebboune, who was still called the new Prime Minister of Algeria, was fired Tuesday, less than three months after he took office. The decision ... Read More

Algeria Resumes Summary Deportations of Sub-Saharans amid Anti-migrant Populism

August 3, 2017

After the scandalous racist remarks of Algerian leaders against sub-Saharan migrants, and in a blatant violation of commitment under the 1951 Geneva Convention, Algerian authorities ... Read More

Anti-Migrant Populism on Surge among Algerian Politicians

July 10, 2017

Few days after the launch of a migrant regularization campaign in Algeria, a new Algerian political leader and former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia expressed heinous ... Read More

Algeria: Bouteflika keeps revision of the constitution promise, process in motion

December 15, 2015

President Bouteflika Monday kick-started revision of the Algerian constitution seeking gradually establishment a “sheer civil rule” and a stronger opposition after long months of delay, ... Read More

Algeria : Protesting police officers storm President’s headquarters

October 16, 2014

The protest of hundreds of security forces is heading for its third day as their demands continue to be unanswered. They camped outside of the ... Read More

Algeria: Constitutional amendment begins, first consultation held

June 2, 2014

As promised during the campaign, President Bouteflika has paved the way for the amendment of the constitution despite certain criticisms and boycotts by some opposition ... Read More