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Vienna-based OMV Group to resume drilling operations in Libya in February 2024

November 7, 2023

Austrian and Vienna-headquartered integrated oil, gas and petrochemical company OMV Group will resume exploration activities in February 2024, the North African country’s state-run oil company ... Read More

Fighting in Libyan capital reaches 23 dead

August 29, 2022

Fighting between militias that broke out on Friday night in Tripoli, against a backdrop of political chaos with two rival governments, left at least 23 ... Read More

Libya accuses unnamed international forces for working against elections

July 26, 2022

Libya’s envoy to the UN, Taher El-Sonni, has blamed several unidentified international forces for plotting against elections in North African country adding that the stability ... Read More

Forces loyal to Haftar clash in Sirte

February 2, 2021

Rival Libyan armed groups loyal to east-based war lord Khalifa Haftar have clashed in the coastal city of Sirte, Anadolu news agency reports citing military ... Read More

Libya: Discussions between the head of the Tobruk Parliament and U.S. ambassador

August 11, 2020

Aguila Saleh, the head of the Libyan Parliament based in Tobruk, was in Cairo on Monday 10 August. In addition to his Egyptian meetings, he ... Read More

Turkey opposes ceasefire in Libya

July 13, 2020

Turkey Monday said a ceasefire in Libya would not benefit its ally, the Government of National Accord (GNA), which has been halted in its push ... Read More

Chadian opposition party charges Haftar with assassination of leader

April 21, 2020

An opposition group in Chad has accused forces aligned with rebel and retired Gen. Khalifa Haftar for the killing of its leader last week, Libya ... Read More

Libya: GNA declares state of emergency as Haftar forces move near

March 12, 2019

The UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) Monday declared state of emergency in Sirte and called for the mobilization of all aligned-forces as the Libyan ... Read More

Libya: British FM makes fun of dead bodies at conference

October 4, 2017

UK’s foreign minister Boris Johnson made news Tuesday disregarding dead bodies in Libya noting that the city of Sirte could become the next Dubai if ... Read More

Libya: US airstrikes hit again IS fighters near Sirte

September 29, 2017

US military command for Africa AFRICOM said Thursday it conducted several strikes against the Islamic State (IS) fighters near the city of Sirte following last ... Read More