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Algeria becomes major buyer of German weapons (SIPRI)

March 23, 2021

Algeria, which is known as a traditional customer of Russian and Chinese arms, has become the major buyer of German weapons during the past four ... Read More

Ex-Algerian FM named board member of Swedish SIPRI

April 24, 2020

Veteran Algerian diplomat Ramtane Lamamra, whom the U.S block to become UN Special Envoy in Libya, has been appointed board member of Swedish state-founded Stockholm ... Read More

Algeria: Military Spending Hits $ 9.6 Bln in 2018

May 2, 2019

Despite deepening political crisis and growing social woes, the Algerian authorities continued their spree spending on weaponry instead of funding socioeconomic development projects. With a ... Read More

Algeria exports security threats to Sahel- SIPRI

April 5, 2019

Algeria has shown reluctancy to support its southern neighbors in their joint efforts to counter terrorism through the G5 force, the Stockholm International Peace Research ... Read More

Russia to deliver to Egypt 20 Su-35 fighter jets next year

March 19, 2019

Russia will deliver 20 Su-35 fighter jets to Egypt as early as 2020-21 following a $2-billion deal signed between the two countries end of last ... Read More

Arm imports: Morocco gains six slots to rank 24th

March 13, 2019

Morocco has ranked among the 25 largest arms importers in the world, according to the latest report of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), ... Read More

Morocco Second Biggest Buyer of Arms in Africa in 2013-2017- SIPRI

March 14, 2018

Morocco purchased 12% of overall arms imports in Africa maintaining its position as the second largest buyer of weapons on the continent over the 2013-2017 ... Read More

Crisis-hit Algeria Earmarks 25% of its Budget to Defense

October 29, 2017

Despite announcing austerity measures to fend off an impending crisis, Algeria maintained its lavish spending on defense to which it earmarked 25% of its 2018 ... Read More

Cash-strapped Algeria Continues to Spend Lavishly on Defense, SIPRI

April 26, 2017

As it heeds straight towards the depletion of its oil-money coffers, Algeria imposed austerity measures, cutting subsidies and introducing taxes, while maintaining lavish spending on ... Read More

Morocco on Course to Develop Domestic Military Industry

March 1, 2017

Morocco is set to reduce dependence on foreign arms suppliers through developing a domestic military industry with Spanish, French, US, Belgian and British partners under ... Read More