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France: Moroccan Secret services tipped off French authorities on a terror act

July 29, 2016

Moroccan intelligence services warned French authority of the Tuesday terror act against Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray Roman Catholic Church which claimed the life of priest Jacques Hamel. Morocco ... Read More

France: Moroccan Informants to Beef up Anti-terrorism Squads

March 30, 2016

French intelligence agencies are recruiting informants in Morocco and other Maghreb countries part of efforts to beef-up their anti-terrorism squads as terrorist threats continue to ... Read More

Belgian Fugitive Involved in Paris attacks Nabbed in Morocco

January 19, 2016

A Belgian of Moroccan origin who managed last November to slip police net after the terror Paris attacks that claimed 130 lives, was captured lately ... Read More

Morocco-UAE: Pope Francis’ Africa tour secured by Moroccan intelligence service

December 7, 2015

Moroccan intelligence services helped secure a safe trip to Africa for Pope Francis, reports say. Moroccan intelligence services in conjunction with French intelligence service helped ... Read More

Terrorism: King of Belgium Requests Morocco’s Help

November 23, 2015

King Philip of Belgium has requested Morocco’s assistance in the fight against terrorism and called for a closer cooperation between the two countries in matters ... Read More

French President, Morocco’s King to Hold Talks in Paris

November 20, 2015

President François Hollande of France is to confer with King Mohammed VI of Morocco this Friday afternoon in Paris. The meeting was announced by the ... Read More