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Morocco: Gulf Countries fully support Rabat’s “credible & Serious Plan” to end Western Sahara Issue

March 10, 2016

Foreign Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) including Jordan on Wednesday in Saudi capital Riyadh threw their support behind Morocco’s laudable and ambitious autonomy ... Read More

Rabat, Riyadh renew mutual attachment to their strategic alliance

February 11, 2016

Morocco and Saudi Arabia have renewed their mutual attachment to their strategic alliance and their unwavering support to each other against any threat, interference in ... Read More

Syria: Talks without Talks

February 1, 2016

The would-be talks in Syria are proving to be a tug of war between the United Nations, the Syrian opposition High Negotiators Council (HNC) and ... Read More

MENA: ISIS Shia attacks could trigger regional sectarian warfare

January 17, 2016

The Islamic State group seems to be on the verge of refreshing its tactics as it continues to lose territories. The latest attacks claimed by ... Read More

KSA-Morocco: Former Saudi veteran envoy to Rabat re-appointed

January 13, 2016

Riyadh has re-appointed its former envoy to Morocco Abdelaziz Khouja as the new Saudi ambassador to the North African country, a move described by analysts ... Read More

International: Russia offers mediation to end KSA & Iran showdown

January 5, 2016

Russian Foreign Ministry Monday offered its mediation to help Gulf rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran end diplomatic spat caused by Riyadh’s execution of Saudi Shia ... Read More

KSA-Iran: Riyadh cuts ties with Teheran

January 4, 2016

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir Sunday announced the suspension of diplomatic ties between the two gulf regional rivals following the attack on the Saudi diplomatic ... Read More

Egypt-KSA: Cairo to receive Riyadh assistance to ease economic suffocation

December 16, 2015

Saudi Arabia will invest around $ billion and offer oil assistance to Egypt in a bid to help al-Sissi’s country ease its economic uneasiness, reports ... Read More

Riyadh, Cairo to increase their cooperation and deepen their foothold in the region

July 31, 2015

Egypt and Saudi Arabia demonstrated Thursday their shared determination to close cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the quest for stability in the Middle ... Read More

Will Riyadh’s Nuclear Deal with Moscow Irk Washington?

June 19, 2015

As relations with Washington started lately getting more complicated and strained over regional thorny issues such as Iran, Syria, Israel..., the Saudis moved to enhance ... Read More