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Algeria: Alleged Paris Attacks Suspect in Custody

February 29, 2016

An Algerian, allegedly linked to the November 13 attacks in Paris has been arrested and placed in detention at Akbou, near Béjaïa. The man appeared ... Read More

Moroccan Security Services Disrupt Terror Plots in Spain

December 2, 2015

Once again Moroccan counter-terrorism services have proven their efficiency and key role in the war against terrorism in the region and around the world. After ... Read More

South Africa: Zuma’s linkage of Paris attacks to Palestinian-Israeli conflict infuriates Jewish community

November 24, 2015

The Jewish community in South Africa on top of which Israeli ambassador to Pretoria criticized South African President Jacob Zuma for linking the Paris and ... Read More

Paris Attacks: It’s Time to Enhance Morocco’s Imams Training Program

November 17, 2015

Following the barbaric terror attacks that rocked last Friday Paris, claiming 129 lives, several analysts and intelligence experts have called on France and other European ... Read More

Morocco, Only Country in Maghreb where Terror is Losing Ground, Spanish Report

November 17, 2015

The scale of the massacre of the Paris attacks has left everybody in shock and dismay. The terror horror reminded the world of the growing ... Read More