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Libya’s Serraj to Visit Washington

April 25, 2017

Libyan nominal Prime Minister Faiez Serraj backed by the international community has been invited by President Trump’s administration to visit Washington, few days after Italian ... Read More

Libya: Italy Sponsors Secrete Talks between GNA & Rival Tobruk Government

July 1, 2016

Rome is driving its own peace initiative to help rival Libyan camps to end distrust and rebuild the country as the UN-backed unity government struggles ... Read More

Libya: European Ambassadors Returning to Tripoli as GNA Seats Down

April 15, 2016

French, Spanish and British ambassadors visited Tripoli Thursday in a show of support and announced return of their respective missions in the Libyan capital wherefrom ... Read More

Libya: Rome conference commits to the GNA

December 14, 2015

17 countries including UN Security Council, EU, African Union, Arab League Sunday in Rome pledged full support to the UN-proposed Libyan Government of National Accord ... Read More

Italy-Libya: Italy to host salvation conference

December 3, 2015

Italian Foreign Minister Wednesday announced that Rome would host an international conference to find solutions to the Libyan crisis and to draw plans to disrupt ... Read More

Libya-Italy: “Libya on brink of failed state,” Rome laments

August 18, 2015

On the heels of the barbaric acts committed by ISIS in Sirte over the weekend, Italian foreign minister called on the international community to take ... Read More

Egypt, Algeria and Italy discuss Libya; time is of essence

June 8, 2015

After their first tripartite meeting in April, Algeria, Egypt and Italy held a second meeting in Cairo over the weekend and concern about the situation ... Read More