Egypt, Algeria and Italy discuss Libya; time is of essence

Egypt, Algeria and Italy discuss Libya; time is of essence

libya6After their first tripartite meeting in April, Algeria, Egypt and Italy held a second meeting in Cairo over the weekend and concern about the situation in Libya was on top of the agenda as the three countries continue to witness consequences of the war within their borders.

The meeting between the Egyptian, Algerian and Italian foreign ministers Sameh Shoukry, Abdel-Kader Messahel and Paolo Gentiloni took place a day before Libya’s rival governments meet in Morocco to discuss a new peace draft.

After the meeting in Cairo, Shoukry told reporters that his government “commends the legitimate government” in Libya for “confronting terrorism and meeting the Libyan people’s demands.” He urged government authorities in Tobruk and the army to “work honestly” and called for a deal to be reached between Libya’s rival governments because, he said, “we cannot waste more time.”

Messahel said “we are trying to reach a fair solution” for a stable Libya because the country is of a “vital security matter” to Algiers while Gentiloni said a “final solution” among the rival Libyan parties is necessary pointing out that time “is very limited.” He described the tripartite talks as “a message of support” for a unified Libyan government.

Shoukry said all “the three countries back” a political solution with efforts being led by U.N Special envoy Bernardino Leon. A new round of talks will discuss a new draft agreement and Gentiloni said it “comes at a very important juncture.”

Egypt and Algeria are hoping that a peaceful Libya will help them to curb terrorist activities and extremist groups while Italy is much more concerned by the illegal migrants’ flows arriving on its shores from Libya.

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