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UNGA: Africa is still divided in its stance on Russia’s war in Ukraine

October 13, 2022

African countries have been divided over the vote in the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday (12 October) that in the end condemned Russia's "illegal ... Read More

Egypt: US insists Cairo cut all ties with Pyongyang

October 12, 2017

Washington, which already froze military assistance package to Egypt over its intriguing relations with Pyongyang, has reiterated its demand to Cairo to curtail all ties ... Read More

Egypt: US froze military aid over Cairo’s secret arms deal from North Korea

October 2, 2017

Washington in August froze $300 million military aid to Cairo after US intelligence intercepted a shipment of 30,000 grenades from North Korea to Egypt under ... Read More

Egypt: Cairo meets US demands, cuts military ties with Pyongyang

September 13, 2017

Egyptian Defense minister on a visit to South Korea has told host officials that the North African country has severed military ties with North Korea, ... Read More

Moscow scraps visa requirements for 18 nationals including 9 Arab countries

April 18, 2017

Citizens of 18 countries including Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria have been exempted from visa requirements to visit far-eastern part of Russia, reports say. The Russian ... Read More

Tunisia-UN: Tunisia ranks third Maghreb country ON UN HDI report, fifth in Africa

December 17, 2015

UN 2015 report on Human Development Index puts Tunisia behind Algeria, Libya and in front of Morocco despites loss of several spots compare to previous ... Read More

Israel-Iran: World powers’ deal with Iran worse than US and North Korea deal, PM Netanyahu

July 6, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not wait until world powers notch a deal with Iran to slam them for caving to Iran’s demands. Speaking ... Read More

Threat of Civil War in Libya after Libyan PM Ali Zeidan Ousted

March 17, 2014

The ousting of Libya's prime minister, Ali Zeidan, who fled to Europe earlier this week, has set off fighting between eastern and western regions that ... Read More

Libya Dispatched Boats to Stop a North Korean Tanker

March 11, 2014

Libya’s navy and pro-government militias have sent ships to an anchorage held by armed demonstrators to prevent a North Korean tanker from leaving with oil ... Read More

Libya : Government Mobilizes Force ahead of War Declaration

March 10, 2014

The exchange of words between the Libyan government and the rebels in the Eastern part of the country could soon turn into a full combat ... Read More