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Tunisia: EU advocates inclusive dialogue to overcome political, economic crisis

April 16, 2022

Members of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, who visited Tunis this week, urged all political stakeholders in Tunisia to hold «a real inclusive dialogue ... Read More

Algeria defends colonialism at Arab Parliament meeting

June 28, 2021

For the sake of showing its pathological hatred towards Morocco and its territorial integrity, Algeria is ready to defend the colonial legacy making of itself ... Read More

Moroccan political party alerts EU parliament to aid embezzlement by the Polisario

October 16, 2020

Morocco’s opposition party, Istiqlal, wrote to the President of the EU parliament about the recent surge in aid embezzlement by the Polisario, an Algerian-backed separatist ... Read More

Tunisia Needs Marshall Plan, EU Parliament Committee Says

July 13, 2016

Members of the European parliament’s Foreign Affairs committee have stated that Tunisia’s transitional period needs support and stronger cooperation with the European Union. The MEPs ... Read More

Europe: ISIS Sympathizers Suspected among EU Drivers

April 18, 2016

Two EU drivers have been reportedly fired after IS propaganda CDs were allegedly found with them. The discovery prompted the EU to take a recent ... Read More

Tunisia: Parliament Speaker calls on EU to establish Marshall Plan for Tunisia

February 9, 2016

Tunisia’s Parliament Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur Monday called on EU to put in place a “Marshall Plan” to help secure his country’s struggling economy. Ennaceur was ... Read More