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Algeria Seals Land Borders with Morocco

November 29, 2018

Not content with its decision to close its land borders with Morocco since 1994, Algeria has just announced it deployed a barbed wire wall of ... Read More

Popular Demands Put Pressure on Algeria to Open Borders with Morocco

July 13, 2018

Moroccan and Algerian nationals are planning yet a new initiative to put pressure on Algiers to open the borders, kept sealed since 1994. This time, ... Read More

Algeria, Incapable of Protecting its Borders- HS Jane’s

March 18, 2018

Despite spending billions of dollars to reinforce border security, Algeria remains incapable of securing its large desert borders where terrorist and trafficking networks are taking ... Read More

Morocco to Build 10 Monitoring Centers at Border with Algeria

February 18, 2018

Morocco’s Royal Armed Forces (FAR) plan to build ten new surveillance centers on the border with Algeria, to enhance security in the eastern parts of ... Read More

Mauritania Declares Borders with Algeria, Mali Military Zones Prohibited to Civilians

July 14, 2017

Mauritanian authorities declared the borders with Algeria and Mali a military zone strictly forbidden to civilians amid the proliferation of terrorist groups that engage in ... Read More

Sarkozy’s Support for Morocco on Western Sahara Irks Algeria

January 18, 2016

The recent remarks made by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy expressing his firm support to Morocco’s Sovereignty over Western Sahara have irked Algerian authorities. Although ... Read More

Morocco Deplores Closure of Moroccan-Algerian Borders as Inconsistent with logic of history, legitimacy

August 1, 2014

Morocco has once again deplored the closure of borders between the Kingdom and Algeria, describing the closure as inconsistent with the logic of history and ... Read More

Tunisia and Libya to Secure Borders

April 11, 2014

Tunisia and Libya agreed on Wednesday (April 9) that they would work together to keep the Ras Jedir border crossing open and secure. Traffic started ... Read More