Libya: Trump to welcome Haftar at White House- Libya Express

US President Donald Trump is likely to receive eastern Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar at the White House, Libya Express reports citing unnamed sources.

Haftar has launched since early April a military offensive on Tripoli, controlled by UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), in view of getting rid of terror groups, he claimed. The offensive has met staunch opposition from the GNA-backed forces.

President Trump, in a counter position to the State Department’s, endorsed Haftar’s military offensive. Several media in the US indicated that Trump rolled out his support for the renegade Marshal at the request of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, two other backers of the head of the self-proclaimed Libya National Army (LNA).

Sources told Libya Express that the meeting, which could take place on June 15, has entered the final stages of preparations.

An official recognition of Haftar, the former Gaddafi’s top military aid by the White House will deal a blow to the GNA which has been accused of shying away of naming foreign countries providing support to the former Gaddafi’s top military aid.

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