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Libya’s division, bureaucracy hinder investment flow- State Department

July 18, 2024

Division of state institutions, bureaucracy, and corruption were key obstacles to promoting foreign direct investments in war-torn Libya, despite the country’s colossal need in terms ... Read More

UN denounces violations against migrants in Libya, Tunisia

July 11, 2024

The UN denounced widespread violations against refugees and migrants in Libya and Tunisia as it investigates a mass grave yard in the desert country. The ... Read More

Two Canadian UN employees face charges of selling weapons in Libya

April 25, 2024

Canadian authorities charged two nationals of involvement in selling Chinese-made drones and other military-equipment in Libya. The case goes back to 2018 when the two ... Read More

UMA: Libya says No Maghreb without Morocco & Mauritania

April 24, 2024

Chairman of Libya’s Presidential Council Mohamed Yunes El-Menfi has sent a written message to King Mohammed VI following the 2nd tripartite summit convened by Algeria, ... Read More

Morocco, Belgium reaffirm commitment to Libya’s sovereignty, national unity (Joint Declaration)

April 16, 2024

Morocco and Belgium have reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and national unity of Libya. This position was expressed in the ... Read More

Algeria doubles down on hostile acts against Niger

April 8, 2024

Algeria’s military-led diplomacy has opted for escalation with Niger, summoning its ambassador to Algiers to say the complaints about a mistreatment of Sub-Saharan migrants were ... Read More

UMA: Libya Exposes Algiers Lies and Denies Tripartite Agreement on New Maghreb without Morocco

April 7, 2024

The bumbling Algerian regime continues to embarrass itself and lose credibility by trying to deceive the regional and international community with its old dirty games ... Read More

Tripoli government suspends oil minister

March 26, 2024

The Libyan government based in Tripoli suspended oil minister Mohamed Oun, as investigations are ongoing into his involvement in alleged corruption, a Libyan watchdog known ... Read More

Tunisia closes Ras Jdir border crossing with Libya after clashes

March 19, 2024

Tunisian authorities closed the Ras Jdir border crossing after armed clashes occurred there between rival Libyan factions. Videos shared on social media showed gunfire and ... Read More

EU’s 7.4 bn-euro aid package to support cash-strapped Egypt, curb illegal migration

March 19, 2024

The European Union signed a "historic" deal with Egypt on Sunday (17 March) that includes a funding package of 7.4 billion euros and elevating their ... Read More