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Libya accuses unnamed international forces for working against elections

July 26, 2022

Libya’s envoy to the UN, Taher El-Sonni, has blamed several unidentified international forces for plotting against elections in North African country adding that the stability ... Read More

Libya recovers 5 tons of war remnants at Tripoli airport

July 22, 2022

The Military Engineering Department has recovered and transported five tons of war remnants that were collected from Tripoli International Airport, al Wasat media reports citing ... Read More

African Union plans to organize inclusive conference for reconciliation in Libya

July 12, 2022

The African Union, AU, intends to hold an inclusive Libyan reconciliation conference whose agenda will be determined by the Libyans themselves under African auspices, Head ... Read More

Several Libyan oil sites now at a standstill after Fathi Bachagha was denied entry to Libya

April 19, 2022

Libya's National Oil Company (NOC) announced on Monday the halt of operations at two major oil sites, the Zouetina terminal and the Al-Charara field, after ... Read More

Founder of Wagner Group blames international community for Libya’s woes

December 28, 2021

Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Russian private military company Wagner, has accused the international community for Libya’s problems for trying to take money from the ... Read More

Russia, Egypt pledge to cooperate on Libya crisis

December 27, 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Egyptian counterpart have agreed to cooperate on the Libyan crisis after the oil-rich country missed the scheduled key Christmas ... Read More

Libyan presidential election: January 24, 2022 as an alternative date

December 23, 2021

After several days of false suspense, Libyan authorities confirmed on Wednesday that the presidential election scheduled for Friday would not take place, with the Electoral ... Read More

Libyan elections increasingly likely to be postponed

December 22, 2021

With two days to go, many Libyan officials agree that the presidential election, which is supposed to mark the end of a laborious transition process, ... Read More

Libyan Interior ministry warns insecurity puts electoral process in jeopardy

December 2, 2021

Libya’s Interior minister, Khaled Mazen, warned that deteriorating security situation in the country is no longer acceptable for the electoral process to proceed following failure ... Read More

Italy casts doubt on timing of Libyan Dec. 24 presidential polls, suggests January

November 30, 2021

Italy’s interior minister Luciana Lamorgese has expressed doubt on holding Libyan crucial presidential election next month as planned and suggested January instead, Libya Observer reports. ... Read More