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Mercosur Parliament Chief hails role of Morocco’s King in fostering Africa-Latin America rapprochement

July 1, 2022

Speaker of Mercosur Parliament Tomas Bittar Navarro has commended the efforts deployed by King Mohammed VI for building closer ties between Africa, the Arab world ... Read More

Rabat, Capital of South-South Cooperation

March 5, 2022

The Parliamentary Dialogue Forum of Senates and Equivalent Councils of Africa, the Arab world, Latin America and the Caribbean has proclaimed the city of Rabat ... Read More

King of Morocco Boosts Diplomatic Momentum by Appointing New Ambassadors

December 14, 2021

King Mohammed VI, of Morocco, received on Tuesday at the Rabat Royal Palace,  nineteen new ambassadors to be positioned in several capitals in Europe, Africa, ... Read More

Settlement of Sahara conflict conducive to peace, development, prosperity in whole region, letter to President Biden outlines

March 1, 2021

Joining their voice to that of politicians and elected representatives from Africa, Europe and Latin American, civil society activists have also stressed the importance of ... Read More

Guerguarat operation: More European, Latin American, African countries support Morocco

November 23, 2020

More European, Latin American, and African countries have joined the scores of states from these continents which expressed support to Morocco following the Moroccan army’s ... Read More

Sahara issue: After Africa and Arab World, Morocco wins support in Latin America

November 22, 2020

Following years of hard diplomatic work, several Latin American countries gave up their hostile stands towards Morocco’s territorial integrity and supported Morocco’s position on the ... Read More

Conference in Rabat on “Moroccan Sahara issue in Latin America”

April 26, 2019

Moroccan diplomacy has played a proactive role in Latin America during the few past years, resulting in the loss of the Polisario support in a ... Read More

Morocco Nets Over One Ton of Cocaine Destined to European Market

December 9, 2018

Moroccan authorities have seized more than a ton of cocaine and captured seven involved people who are linked to an international criminal network specialized in ... Read More

Sahara: Morocco Continues Winning Support in Latin America

June 23, 2018

Morocco has stepped up its diplomatic efforts in South America winning the support of countries that were until recently supporters of the Algerian-funded separatists’ thesis ... Read More

Sahara Issue: Morocco Wins Support of Paraguay’s Parliament

May 10, 2018

One after the other, Latin American countries rally the rank of supporters of Morocco’s territorial integrity. After Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil to mention but ... Read More