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Libya: HoR-backed army Chief of staff threatens to attack oil tankers unauthorized by HoR

July 27, 2016

UNSMIL Head Martin Kobler Monday received a blow as Libyan army commander backed by the House of Representatives (HoR) threatened to attack any oil vessels ... Read More

Libya:Tobruk Sends Warning Message to Tripoli, International Community

May 9, 2016

Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni of the Tobruk-based government that used to be widely referred to as the internationally recognized government before the Libyan Political Agreement ... Read More

Libya: HoR Pressured to Endorse Proposed Unity Government

February 19, 2016

Seven States, namely France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UAE, UK, and the US, Thursday issued a joint statement calling on the Libyan internationally recognized House of ... Read More

Libya: Political protagonists sign GNA agreement amid rejection from hardliners

December 18, 2015

Libya turned a new page of its dialogue process Thursday as rival political factions and other political figures endorsed in Morocco the Government of National ... Read More

Libya: Kobler meets self-style Hafter ahead of GNA signing, hardliners to stay put

December 17, 2015

Head of UNSMIL Martin Kobler and Libyan National Army self-style Chief of Staff Khalifa Hafter Wednesday in a meeting agreed that it was time to ... Read More