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Muslim World Strongly Condemns Paris Attack

January 9, 2015

All Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, have strongly condemned the deadly terrorist attack launched Wednesday against French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, ... Read More

Pertamina to begin Algerian activities soon

June 12, 2013

Muhammad Husain, the director of state own oil Indonesian company, PT Pertamina, has announced the company will be exploiting oil from Algeria in the next ... Read More

The Globalization of Education through Technology: Valid on Whose Terms?

March 31, 2013

Globalization is generally viewed as the inevitable solution to many of the world’s inequality issues, especially where access to education and educational resources are concerned. ... Read More

Mauritania Receives Brazilian-made Super Tucano Jet Fighter

October 24, 2012

Mauritanian Air Force has received its first Brazilian-made Super Tucano jet fighter under a military deal passed last march with the aircraft manufacturer Embraer, without ... Read More

Facebook: North Africa Hosts about 2.2% of one billion global users

October 22, 2012

After its crucial role in the uprisings in the Arab world, internet and facebook occupy a growing ground in MENA region. Tunisia’s Jasmine revolution, which ... Read More