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Frontex voices satisfaction with partnership with Morocco

August 23, 2021

The EU’s border control agency FRONTEX said Morocco is a “reliable and solid” partner in the fight against illegal migration, the EU agency said. “Morocco ... Read More

Frontex Commends Morocco’s Efforts to Secure Borders’ Stability, Fight Illegal Migration

June 25, 2019

Executive Director of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), Fabrice Leggeri, has commended the efforts made by Morocco to ensure stability at borders ... Read More

Spain Tells EU to Support Morocco’s Efforts to Curb Illegal Migration

September 15, 2017

Spanish interior minister Juan Ignacio Zoido urged the EU to support Morocco's "considerable" efforts to fight illegal immigration. "The EU should lend more support to ... Read More

Libya: Italian prosecutor finger-points NGOs for collusion with human traffickers

April 24, 2017

An Italian prosecutor working with the country’s investigators trying to uncover the likely collaboration between charity organizations and human traffickers has indicated that he has ... Read More

Protecting EU Borders Costs Morocco €250 mln Annually

February 22, 2017

Spain seems like a forgotten EU border far away from the tragedies of the refugee crisis that ensued the Arab Spring and the influx of ... Read More

Tripoli Sends 170 Senegalese Migrants Back Home

February 17, 2017

About 170 Senegalese migrants who were in detention centers in Tripoli have been deported back to the west-African nation, local media reported on Thursday. The ... Read More

Libya: 6,500 Migrants Rescued in Single Day off Libyan Coast

August 30, 2016

Italian coastguard Monday indicated that they saved around 6,500 migrants off the Libyan coast in forty operations making Monday the busiest day for rescuers. The ... Read More

Over 400 Illegal Migrants Died Offshore Libya

April 15, 2015

Over 400 illegal migrants, who were trying to reach Italy, died last weekend when their vessel capsized off the Libyan coast. The Italian coastguards have ... Read More