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Tunisia Denies Housing a Secret US Military Base

October 28, 2016

Tunisia has denied reports that it is one of the countries allowing the US army to secretly use one of its military bases to carry ... Read More

Tunisia: US Delivers Jeeps, Aircrafts to Help Bolster Security at Borders

May 13, 2016

The United States Wednesday delivered a set of military equipment including jeeps and aircrafts to Tunisia to help the North African country better secure its ... Read More

US Resolved to Back Tunisian Army Operational Capacities

April 9, 2016

The US will continue to support the Tunisian army’s efforts to combat terrorism and tackle insecurity as the North African country battles against waves of ... Read More

Tunisia: IS Fighters, Incompetent Children, Ennahdha’s Ghannouchi

February 29, 2016

Leaders of the Tunisian Islamist Party Ennahdha, Rached Ghannouchi Sunday lambasted the Islamic State fighters hitting Tunisia as he called them “incompetent children.” Ghannouchi who ... Read More

Portugal Offers Tunisia Help to Secure Borders with Libya

February 25, 2016

Tunisia Wednesday received strong support from Portugal which vowed to help secure the volatile border with Libya and offered to train army and security forces. ... Read More

Tunisia Opposed to Foreign Military Intervention in Libya

February 16, 2016

Tunisia has reiterated its strong opposition to a military intervention in neighboring Libya, warning that such an intervention will be disastrous in many ways, including ... Read More