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Iran warms up ties with Egypt, free visa charm for Egyptians

July 30, 2015

Iran continues its promotional campaign to renew ties with the rest of the world following the historic pact on its nuclear program, granting travel visas ... Read More

Egypt: IS claimed responsibility for rocket attack on Egyptian vessel

July 17, 2015

The Islamic State said it was behind the rocket attack on the Egyptian army vessel off North Sinai on Thursday. The battle between the Egyptian ... Read More

Amnesty International Slams Egypt’s Anti-terror Draft law

July 16, 2015

Amnesty International has decried Egyptian new anti-terrorism law which threatens journalists with jail for reporting anything that contradicts the official account of terrorist attacks. This ... Read More

Israel: ISIS invites Israel to war with three Grad rockets

July 5, 2015

Fighting between the militants of the Sinai Province group and Egyptian forces has been going on for days but it seems to be taking a ... Read More

Tel Aviv gives leeway to Egyptian army to crackdown on Jihadists in military banned northern Sinai

July 3, 2015

Israel has not only offered condolences to Egypt after the deadly coordinated Islamist attacks in the Sinai Peninsula but also gave a free hand to ... Read More