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Polisario uses Algerian taxpayers’ money to buy private clinics in Latin America

July 12, 2022

Polisario leaders have a long history of embezzlement in connivance with the corrupt and feckless Algerian Generals who are using the separatist group in their ... Read More

Ecuador seizes over 600 kg of cocaine bound for Tunisia

January 12, 2022

Police in Ecuador seized 656.7 kg of cocaine dissimulated in a container bound for Tunisia, Business News reports. Fausto Buenaño Castillo, Chief of the Latin ... Read More

Ecuador FM: Morocco, a reference country in Maghreb & Africa

October 12, 2021

Morocco is a reference country in the Maghreb region and in the African continent, said Ecuador’s foreign minister Mauricio Montalvo at a meeting held lately ... Read More

Chile’s Palestinian community opposes arms purchase from Israel

August 15, 2014

Chile's President of the Senate signs on August 13 the "one million signatures for peace" petition opposing Chile's purchase of arms from Israel at the ... Read More

Mauritania Receives Brazilian-made Super Tucano Jet Fighter

October 24, 2012

Mauritanian Air Force has received its first Brazilian-made Super Tucano jet fighter under a military deal passed last march with the aircraft manufacturer Embraer, without ... Read More