Ecuador seizes over 600 kg of cocaine bound for Tunisia

Police in Ecuador seized 656.7 kg of cocaine dissimulated in a container bound for Tunisia, Business News reports.

Fausto Buenaño Castillo, Chief of the Latin American country’s police, told media that security forces found the cocaine hidden in a container supposed to carry banana, during an operation dubbed “Víspera”.

The drug shipment, estimated at $42 million, was dissimulated in black bags, in form of bricks.

Castillo neither provided further details on the owner of the container nor on the addressee in the North African country.

Tunisia has criminalized the use of drugs. Late November, the Tunis court of first instance sentenced four young men to 20 years in prison for forming a drug trafficking network in the capital.

The court also slapped around $35,000-fine on each.

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