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Libya: Serraj Gains Support of 10 Key Cities, Tripoli Leaders Flee Capital

April 1, 2016

The Libyan Unity Government Thursday received backing from significant Libyan actors among whom leaders of 10 coastal cities that have joined Serraj-led Government of National ... Read More

Libya: Daesh jump-starts offensives on Libya’s oil region, second day offensive in row

January 6, 2016

IS Tuesday carried out a second day offensive on Libya’s vital oil terminals prompting national oil company to call for help saying IS’s control of ... Read More

Libya: Rebels clash, Gaddafi-era army officers return

January 20, 2015

Libyan armed factions accused each other on Monday of launching new attacks near the country's largest oil port, Es Sider, after a partial ceasefire was ... Read More

Libya: At Least 22 Gvt Soldiers Killed by Islamists

December 26, 2014

At least 22 Libyan soldiers were killed Thursday in an offensive launched by the Islamists fighters in a bid to take control of al-Sidra port ... Read More