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Morocco: An F1 Mirage of the Royal Air Forces Crashes; Pilot Safe & Sound

January 21, 2019

An Air Force F1 mirage, on a training mission, crashed Monday near Taounate, in Northern morocco. The pilot succeeded to eject safely from the aircraft. ... Read More

Morocco to Receive New Batch of F16 fighters

June 8, 2018

Morocco will reinforce its air force with another fleet of 12 F16 Viper fighter jets that have been upgraded. The country’s air force have been ... Read More

Algeria’s Air Force Dilemma

June 4, 2018

Algeria boasts the biggest military budget in Africa but its military doctrine and over dependence on Russian weapons combined with a lack of international experience ... Read More

Morocco Trains Nigerian Special Forces

October 21, 2017

Cooperation between Morocco and Nigeria is stronger than ever. After sealing large scale agreements on gas and fertilizers, the two countries have expanded their cooperation ... Read More

Mauritania Receives Brazilian-made Super Tucano Jet Fighter

October 24, 2012

Mauritanian Air Force has received its first Brazilian-made Super Tucano jet fighter under a military deal passed last march with the aircraft manufacturer Embraer, without ... Read More