Morocco to Receive New Batch of F16 fighters

Morocco to Receive New Batch of F16 fighters

Morocco will reinforce its air force with another fleet of 12 F16 Viper fighter jets that have been upgraded.

The country’s air force have been revamped with the reception of 24 F16 jets that made of Morocco one of the mightiest air powers in Africa, the well-informed military website Far-Maroc website said.

Morocco is also planning to bring its F16 fleet to the same level of the F16 Viper, the website said.

A Pentagon report said that Morocco’s Royal Air Force will bolster the defense capabilities of its F16 jets with the acquisition of advanced medium range air-to-air AMRAAM missiles.

Morocco’s F16 were tested in a real life battle field in Yemen as Morocco takes part in the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthis.

In December 2009, Morocco placed a $841.9 million contract with Lockheed Martin’s Aeronautics to purchase 18 single-seat F-16Cs and six two-seat F-16Ds, as part of a program to upgrade its armed forces.

Morocco’s F-16s are equipped with a variety of extra equipment, including Lockheed Martin Sniper targeting pods, Goodrich DB-110 airborne reconnaissance pods and Raytheon’s Advanced Countermeasures Electronic System (ACES).

Armament includes AIM-9X Block II Sidewinders with lock on after launch capability, AGM-65D Maverick air-to-surface missiles and Enhanced GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided bomb kits.

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