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Cash-handouts will not help Algeria gain influence in region

December 15, 2021

As a state entertaining a rentier economy, Algeria has long sought to gain influence in Africa and the Arab region through cash handouts during the ... Read More

Algerian army declares Bouteflika ‘unfit to lead’

March 26, 2019

The Algerian army, the kingmaker in the Algerian political order, has finally stated the obvious by declaring “Bouteflika unfit to lead,” four weeks after millions ... Read More

Ailing Bouteflka to officially run for fifth term

February 9, 2019

The ruling FLN party has ended suspense by naming President Bouteflika as its candidate for a fifth term in April 18 elections. The move comes ... Read More

Algeria: Will the Military Intervene ?

December 31, 2018

With the political crisis deepening in Algeria wherein social anger is mounting and the economic situation is worsening, the struggle for power between the elite ... Read More

Power Struggle: Algerian Assembly Elects New Speaker

October 25, 2018

Algeria’s National Assembly on Wednesday elected Mouad Bouchareb, 47, as new speaker by 320 votes with one absentee. Mouad Bouchareb will now replace Saïd Bouhadja ... Read More

Algeria’s Boiling South Bears Seeds of ‘chaotic implosion’- Algerian Opposition Leader

April 16, 2018

An imminent implosion is threatening Algeria’s stability as several regions of its south are boiling in protest over decades of economic marginalization, said Algerian opposition ... Read More

Iran’s Foreign Minister visits Algeria over Syrian, Gulf Crisis

June 19, 2017

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived Sunday in the Algerian capital for a two-day visit to discuss crises in the Gulf littoral states, namely ... Read More

North African Leaders Express Optimism Following Macron’s Victory

May 8, 2017

As is the case with France and mainstream Europe, North Africa on France’s Mediterranean neighbourhood breath a sigh of relief after Centrist Emanuel Macron decisively ... Read More

Algerian Regime Resorts to Mosques to Counter Voter Apathy

May 2, 2017

Faced with widespread voter apathy and growing calls to boycott the legislative polls of May 4, the Algerian regime stumbles desperately to keep the political ... Read More

Algeria Denies Access to Moroccan Journalists, Lags behind in Press Freedom

May 2, 2017

After abandoning Syrian refugees on the Moroccan borders in harsh conditions, Algeria proceeded to impose a ban on foreign journalists who have criticized this inhumane ... Read More