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Marrakech Goes Green, Launches First Bike Share in Africa

November 12, 2016

Africa’s first bike share experience was launched in Marrakech, which currently hosts the climate summit (COP22), November 7 through 18. The initiative, dubbed “Medina Bike”, ... Read More

Morocco Briefs UN member States on COP22 Organization in Marrakech

October 16, 2016

Morocco’s Permanent Representative at the UN, Omar Hilale, made in New York before the UN member states a presentation on the challenges and logistical aspects ... Read More

Sahara Issue: The EU Reiterates Support for UN-Led Political Process

October 11, 2016

The EU reiterated at the fourth Committee of the UN’s General Assembly its support for the efforts led by the UN Secretary General to achieve ... Read More

Morocco, Japan’s Gateway for Investing in Africa

August 31, 2016

Morocco’s geographic location, political stability and promising macroeconomic indicators, coupled with its longstanding ties with African countries and increasing investments in the continent make it ... Read More

Japan Earmarks $30 Billion in Support for Infrastructure Development in Africa

August 28, 2016

Japan announced it will invest $30 billion in support of Africa’s economic growth and infrastructure over the next three years. The pledge was made by ... Read More

Tough Times for Slavery Abolitionists in Mauritania

July 5, 2016

Mauritanian authorities arrested last Sunday scores of anti-slavery activists on the backdrop of riots and clashes last week with security forces in Nouakchott. The riots ... Read More