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Tunisia freezes assets of three terrorism financing suspects

March 23, 2021

Tunisia’s Anti-terrorism commission, CNLCT, announced Monday it froze the assets of three Tunisians who allegedly funded terrorism activities, reports say. The CNLCT told state-run news ... Read More

EU removes Tunisia from money laundering blacklist

May 8, 2020

The European Union has removed Tunisia from its list of countries that pose threats to the financial system over money laundering and terrorism financing because ... Read More

Morocco to launch national strategy to fight money laundering

June 13, 2019

Morocco is tightening the noose on organized crime with the upcoming launch of a national strategy to fight money laundering as well as terrorism financing, ... Read More

Counterterrorism: Three French nationals arrested in Salé

February 12, 2019

Three French nationals, including one of Algerian origin, were arrested Monday (Feb. 11) in Salé, Rabat’s twin city, for their alleged involvement in the financing ... Read More

Algeria has Long Way to Go to Counter Terrorism Financing- U.S. Report

September 21, 2018

The scale of the informal market in Algeria dominated by cash transactions make it hard to counter terrorism financing, the U.S. department of state said ... Read More

Morocco Receives Blacklist of Individuals Wanted for Terrorism Financing, Money Laundering

March 26, 2018

Morocco’s Financial Intelligence Processing Unit (Unité de traitement du renseignement financier/UTRF) has received an updated blacklist of individuals wanted for money laundering and terrorism financing. ... Read More

Moroccans on Blacklist of Alleged Terrorism Financiers

February 25, 2018

US intelligence agencies have established a blacklist of individuals from around the world, including from Morocco, suspected of funding terrorist operations. The blacklisted are banned ... Read More