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Lebanon calls for EU cooperation on Syrian refugees’ return

August 7, 2022

Lebanon has called on the European Union to cooperate on a roadmap for the gradual return of Syrian refugees to their country. "Lebanon is going ... Read More

Lebanon: Army enjoys “unconditional” political support, PM Hariri

July 11, 2017

Prime Minister Saad Hariri assured the Lebanese military of the government’s support after four Syrian nationals died while in their custody. The military have been ... Read More

UNHCR Welcomes Morocco’s Decision to Admit Refugees Abandoned by Algeria

June 23, 2017

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) welcomed Morocco’s decision to let in a group of Syrian refugees who were abandoned in the desert border by Algerian ... Read More

Shameful Racist Campaign on Algerian Social Media against Sub-Saharans

June 23, 2017

Algeria’s social media networks woke up to a shameful and outrageous campaign targeting sub-Saharan migrants after the launch of a racist hashtag in Arabic saying ... Read More

Algeria Denies Access to Moroccan Journalists, Lags behind in Press Freedom

May 2, 2017

After abandoning Syrian refugees on the Moroccan borders in harsh conditions, Algeria proceeded to impose a ban on foreign journalists who have criticized this inhumane ... Read More

Morocco Denounces in Strongest Terms Algeria’s Expulsion of Syrians to Border Town

April 23, 2017

Morocco’s Foreign Ministry summoned Algeria’s ambassador in Rabat and denounced the expulsion of 54 Syrian migrants by Algerian authorities to the Moroccan border town of ... Read More

Germany: Tunisian Arrested for Alleged Membership with IS Group

December 16, 2016

A young Tunisian has been arrested for alleged membership with the Islamic State group and for having terror intention, reports say. Identified as Charfeddine T, ... Read More

Angela Merkel to Visit Morocco in 2017

September 30, 2016

German iron woman and Chancellor Angela Merkel would visit Morocco next year at the invitation of King Mohammed VI. The announcement came Thursday in a ... Read More

Refugee crisis: “We need free money to handle influx of refugees, not loans,” Lebanese official

October 12, 2015

Top official of the Lebanese Ministry of Finance warned that the country may collapse if the international community does not assist economically countries taking in ... Read More