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IFC loans Express Union Tchad around $3m to boost access to finance for underserved communities

July 25, 2023

The International Finance Corporation, IFC, has provided a loan worth close to $3 million to Chad’s leading microfinance Express Union Tchad (EUT) to boost access ... Read More

Tunisian political party calls on State to reintroduce visa requirement to Sub-Saharan migrants

July 7, 2023

Centre-right political party Afek Tounes, called on Tunisian authorities to re-impose visa requirements to Sub-Saharan migrants as part of measures to stem arrival of flows ... Read More

African immigrants celebrate their blended heritage on US Independence Day

July 6, 2023

Immigration from Africa to the United States has increased dramatically in the past three decades and these migrants turned to the US in pursuit of ... Read More

Tunisia detains three Sub-Saharans following stabbing to death of one Tunisian

July 5, 2023

Three Sub-Saharans illegally living in Tunisia have been arrested after the death of 38-year old Tunisian man by stabbing in the governorate of Sfax. The ... Read More

Morocco: Migration and Asylum Policy with Human Face

June 24, 2023

For nearly a decade, Morocco has been implementing a migration and asylum policy with a human face, in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines, respecting ... Read More

AfDB to invest $25 mln for renewables in sub-Sahara

January 25, 2019

The African Development Bank (AfDB) will invest up to $25 million in a private equity fund for renewable energy projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. According to ... Read More

IMF revises Sub-Saharan countries’ 2019-2020 growth forecasts

January 24, 2019

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a report released on Wednesday announced that the economy of Sub-Saharan countries should rise this year. In its World ... Read More

African Civil Society Wants AU to Put End to Ordeal of Sub-Saharans in Algeria

January 19, 2018

Civil society associations in Guinea, Gabon and Niger have urged the African Union to put the issue of the human rights violations by Algerian authorities ... Read More

New Migration Policy Strengthens Morocco’s Soft Power in Africa

December 23, 2017

Morocco has bolstered its clout and soft power on the African continent with the adoption of an immigration and asylum policy based on a human ... Read More

Hundreds of Sub-Saharan Migrants Storm into Melilla

May 10, 2017

Nearly one hundred Sub-Saharan illegal migrants rampaged on Monday in the streets of the Spanish-occupied city of Melilla in northern Morocco celebrating their entry into ... Read More